Brunch with Troy

How would one define the "Troy Allen Girl?"

She's fun, she's witty. She's not defined by a certain age range, nor does she expect people to really tell her age. She makes her own rules and doesn't really understand the conventional ways of living.

What's the "Troy Allen Girl's" favorite color?

She loves black, who doesn't, but she is sick of only wearing black. She likes to be an oxymoron. She'll throw some pastels on to throw you off your feet. She wants to be the last one standing, and she always is.

What's the "Troy Allen Girl's" favorite food?

She'll tell you it's a seasonal green, but we know, just as well as her, that it's cheesecake and the girl isn't afraid to flaunt it. I feel like this all comes back to her not caring about societies rules. She designs her own lifestyle and it includes anything and everything she wants. Now give it to her.

It sounds like she has everything figured out.

She thinks she does, but in all realness, do any of us have it all figured out? She still has those everyday problems. She despises authority, dreams of being elsewhere, and falls for the wrong boys. Standing back these are all petty problems, but thinking about our lives, don't we all do the same? 

What are you getting at?

What I'm basically saying, is that we are all the "Troy Allen Girl." In some way, we relate. We all want something and we all go get it. Sometimes, we just need to be reminded that we can tear barriers down. 

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